April 25 Cruise In cancelled

THE DINER’s Patriots Day Cruise In today, April 25, 2015 is cancelled. The rain, high probability of continuation and everyone’s forcast of 2-4 PM severe storms with possible high wind, heavy rains & damaging hail would seem to make it nuts to take your car out. So, for the first time we cancel a cruise in. If you are local & see a window to come in, our discount offers for cruise in’s stand, just tell us.

Looking forward to seeing you anytime and to May 30 Cruise In, Yellow Mustangs on May 9 and some sunny skies.

Diane England lost her dad, Bobby Dyer recently so remember her & their family. Bobby & Mary Jane had been maried for 61 years. He will be missed. Blessing for all of them.

THE DINER’s Ribeye Sandwich is back as a special and remember every day there is a $6.99 Supper special, weekday lunches have both a Burger & Hot Dog special, just ask.

Always looking forward to seeing & serving you.