550 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37876

50's American Diner in Sevierville, TN

THE DINER offers a unique dining experience and delicious, homemade food to customers throughout Sevierville, TN and surrounding areas.

We work hard every day to make your visit with us a really positive dining experience. No shortcuts are ever taken at THE DINER. Our roots are in the SE and the Midwest country home cooking. Based on those experiences, we've put together a blend of All-American food in our menu. Be sure to tell us how your visit was, we always appreciate the direct feedback. It shapes us and gets you what you need, expect & deserve for your hard earned dollars.

GREAT BURGERS! Come On In And Gussy Up Our #1 Item!!
If you like burgers, you can order your favorite red meat: angus, elk, or buffalo. All are pure and chargrilled fresh to your order. Gussy it up with five different sets of scrumptious toppings we call our Cadillac Burgers. You can also opt for turkey or a black bean veggie burger. Come see us today!

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About Us

At THE DINER, we make some of our food from scratch to ensure the highest quality and the best taste. We hand bread our tenders, fish, and fried green tomatoes as well. We only use real Swiss cheese and 14 to 18 thick cut Applewood smoked bacon. We don't believe in shortcuts! We char grill fresh all our burgers and only use salad dressings that don't contain MSG. Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic artisan vinegar dressings are also available.

Do you want low salt or salt-free options? Don't worry, we have those, too. We minimize the use of salt in all our food and are completely MSG-free, except for our mouth-watering sausage.

Breakfast food? No one does it better than THE DINER! Your eggs can be poached alongside a homemade waffle and made-from-scratch French toast. Our omelets are loaded with fresh ingredients. Even the coffee is good at THE DINER! We've got your Half & Half, hazelnut, or French vanilla creamers ready.
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THE DINER will be honored to have a place in your family’s weekday evenings. We know you are busy, running/ going in lots of directions with work, school, community, sports & church activities that are all good. Dine out to take time out with us, your local independently owned dining source for a moderately priced meal. Every family member can order and enjoy the good food of their choice.


Milkshake Of The Month: Blueberry
SuzyQ's Ultimate Chocolate Cheesecake is back in July! It has 3 layers - dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

Menu Additions:
You may have attended some of our caters where you had a TPCS from THE DINER. This spring time you can choose the time to enjoy one.

We bet that SuzyQ’s mama’s very own recipe just might match your mama’s Traditional Pimento Cheese Sandwich (TPCS). There’s only one way for you to find out for sure…..try one & let us know how it stands up to the TPCS you grew up with! Now was that on White, Whole Wheat or Rye????